GUT Reaction Percussive Dance Theatre

The performance is a confrontation of the human machine. It is an anatomical deconstruction, starting with the reality of our bodies‘ inner biological transcendence and evolving into a celebration of a human mutant form. Would it not be beautiful if we could all appreciate a different new mutant body? The performance will highlight both the beauty of the macabre and the vulnerability of our body, exposing the ugly side of the human condition by staging the unrelenting violence of humanity through the depiction of mutated magnificent creatures. Choreography, music and percussive compositions are the sole creation of GUT REACTION Percussive Dance Theatre Company.

Performers: Giulia Mandelli, Marco Rivagli, Nahuel W. Arias & Cecilia Castellari 
Artistic Direction: Giulia Mandelli & Marco Rivagli
Choreography & Music Composition: Giulia Mandelli, Marco Rivagli, Nahuel W. Arias & Cecilia Castellari 
Costumes: Moran Sanderovich
Photography: Federica Villi
Light Design & Projections: Alexander Biryukov

Opening Act: „Beats in movement“ performed by the students of Berlin Drum Experience and Dance Class Berlin

GUT REACTION PERCUSSIVE DANCE THEATRE is a performative ensemble based in Berlin and touring worldwide. The company, founded by the drummer MARCO RIVAGLI and the choreographer GIULIA MANDELLI in January 2015, has been experimenting with ways to combine the art of contemporary dance with the visceral energy of playing the drums.
In addition to experimenting with the trinity of forms Percussion, Dance and Theatre, each piece created by GUT REACTION seeks to interrogate the structure and boundaries of human minds, bodies, and emotions. The unique style that characterizes them, leads the audience on a journey into the most improbable imaginings through an investigation where theatre, body movement, music and rhythm collide.In 2017 drummer Nahuel W. Arias joined the ensemble participating in 4 productions. The latest guest member of the group is the dancer Cecilia Castellari who started collaborating with the company in 2020.

tickets at the box office: 22 €
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Freitag, 10.03.2023, 20.00 Uhr
Samstag, 11.03.2023, 20.00 Uhr
Sonntag, 12.03.2023, 20.00 Uhr
(Einlass jeweils ab 19.30 Uhr)

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